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What Does RMR
Development Do?

Does your company use canned software solutions?

  • Still doing double (or triple!) data entry?
  • Can’t get reports with your desired numbers and or in your desired formats?
  • Still using too many manual or paper processes?
  • Don’t have access to your data anytime, anywhere?

RMR can help! We can provide the “glue” that helps all your independent processes work in concert. Our experience with report writers, databases, and custom software development, provides RMR with the resources and knowledge to tailor a solution that will help you maximize the investment you made in your canned solution.

Don’t have a canned solution or can’t find a canned solution to meet your business needs?

RMR will develop a solution from the ground up, which will fit your processes like a glove. [Stats on inefficiencies?] Take a look at the details of our solutions below.


Mobile Development

Our Custom Software

Our USA based programmers combined decades of experience to create a solution that will fit your existing processes, perfectly, optimizing operation efficiency. Our process is simple and effective.

  1. Flowchart your existing processes.
  2. Develop database tables and procedures.
  3. Program a custom, user-friendly, interface to enter and retrieve your data.

Note: Depending on your requirements, we can also make your data available anywhere in the world.


Mobile Development
Eye Care Specialties

Intranets and Extranets

If you are looking to share data with a distributed workforce, customers, suppliers, or the public and would like to do it in a secure manner, RMR can provide you with solutions to help. Our team of experienced programmers can code an internet or extranet website using data from your back office and share that data securely to parties in need. RMR’s intranet and extranet solutions can help your company or organization significantly improve your customer service and improve your internal workflows to extremely efficient levels.



  • Make your data available anytime, anywhere, with any mobile device.
  • Need to access sales figures on the go?
  • Need to enter orders in the field?
  • Need to access inventory information from anywhere on your shop floor?

RMR will create a custom mobile application. We develop custom mobile applications for the iPhone and /or Android platforms. The result will put the most crucial pieces of your data at your fingertips. No longer will you be tethered to your desktop computer.


Mobile Development
Eye Care Specialties

Custom Websites

  • No more under-developed websites.

RMR will develop your public website and integrate your data into a secure back-end. The result is a seamless image for your company, which will eliminate waste and increase performance. The general public will see your website. Customers, vendors, or other select parties will be provided a username and password, which will allow them access to pertinent information. We can also create fully customized ecommerce solutions.


RMR Development

RMR Development of Dover, Ohio was formed in 2000 to address the website design and software needs of local business. RMR has since forged a team of web site programmers with deep experience in e-commerce and website development. Today, RMR has established a valued relationship with clients around the country. Our competitive advantage is the ability to deliver turnkey solutions by providing internet/intranet solutions, website design, application development, e-commerce solutions, client email systems, and fault tolerant website hosting services. We also provide e-commerce solutions such as online store fronts, shopping carts, merchant accounts and payment gateways.

About RMR Development

RMR Development uses internal graphic artists, hosts the applications we develop, provides SQL server databases, and offers database maintenance services, backup services, and e-mail servers for over 80,000 clients. We can take your ideas and turn them into a finished product without third parties, complications, bugs, and errors often encountered when involving several entities. A single contractor simplifies the development cycle and assures quality control. We employ our own developers to assure quality code. Our value priced, professional, custom web site design team will make you look like an online pro - someone your visitors and customers can trust.

Contact RMR Development for all your web design and custom programming needs.